About Us

Old woman with her caregiverAlpha Home Care, Inc. is a home care services provider in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serves the surrounding communities with quality personalized care. We assist seniors in their retirement. We help the disabled with their mobility needs. We give families relief from 24/7 caregiving. We contribute to your family in the best way we can – QUALITY HOME CARE.

We find fulfillment in caring for people who are facing difficulties with their health. Having the caregiving training and experience that makes us competent, we are confident in our ability address your home care needs. The most important thing is to give you the choice and the ability to stay in your home for as long as possible. Home Care is an alternative that appeals to so many families because it is less costly, more flexible and delays (or prevents) institutional care.

Do you want your mom, dad, or grandparent to continue living at home through retirement? Will recovery at home make you heal faster? Do you want to be at home more than anywhere else? Let Alpha Home Care help and let the care begin!

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